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  Taking dance classes as a teen or adult is fun, challinging and rewarding. Whether you studied dance as a child or are beginning later in life, your posture, balance, strength, and stamina benefit.

Ballet gradually builds up exercises and movements, so that the developing body awareness, strength, and knowledge are appropriate for your ability. Each year, you can choose to continue at the same level or advance to the next. Some may decide to move to a previous level.
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A typical class begins with a series of exercises at the barre to warm and stretch your muscles, and to learn ballet movements. Then we move away from the barre to centre floor, where we continue with diffferent exercises, including those that travel across the floor. At the Davis Studio of Dance, we teach a new series of exercises every three or four weeks. Each set of new classes builds upon the material learned in the previous weeks. This will improve a students ablility to experience a wide range of movement and learn exercises quickly.

Teen adult classes progress more quickly than children's. Following are the levels of Ballet classes we offer:

Beginners - 1.25 hour classes once a week for those who have had no ballet training or who would like to start with the basics. You may begin in September or January.

Elementary - 1.5 hour classes once or twice a week for those who have had at least once complete year of ballet training and would like to build on the basics. The exercises will be longer and there will be more centre floor work.

Intermediate 1 - 1.5 hour classes once or twice a week for those who have had at least two years of study or be at an equivalent level. We will be working at the Cecchetti Grade 3-4 level, emphasizing pirouettes, adage work, and allegro combinations.

Intermediate 2 - 1.5 hour classes once or twice a week for students who have had at least four consecutive years of classes and are at the Cecchetti Grade 5 level or higher. (An equivalent R.A.D. level would be Grade 6/7.) This leel will be building greater strenght, co-ordination, and stamina for longer combinations at the barre and in the centre.

Pointe Work - 1/2 hour class once a week for those who are interested and who have had at least 2 consecutive years of ballet classes. The teacher will assess whether a person is ready to do pointe work. There will be special exercises to strenghten feet, leg and postural muscles before and after getting pointe shoes.


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